World time zones

The Earth is huge. So huge that, in fact, time is very different in different places (different world time zones). Are you going to call your colleague in Tokyo, but do not want to wake him in the middle of the night? If you are booking a bungalow on Fiji, you should know when it will be appropriate to call the manager.

You can instantly convert UTC/GMT to any of USA zones (Central/CST, Mountain/MST, Pacific/PST, Eastern/EST, Atlantic/AST, Hawaiian/HST) or any other world time zones (Central to GMT or Pacific to GMT, GST to Singapore time or CET to EST, anything at your service). Timestimator takes Daylight Saving Time (DST) into account and shows you the current time in the chosen cities and calculates the time shift between them. Professionals who need to monitor processes in different world time zones will find this feature very useful. With Timestimator, world time calculations will be easy.

world time zones calculator

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1 You use this field to select your base location (i.e. your current location). Above the location field, the time difference with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) will be shown for the given location.

2 With this field, you can select the remote location. Above the location field, the time difference with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) will be displayed for the selected remote location.

3 Set the "base" time in this field. "Base time" is the time relative to which you would like to know the remote time. Clicking on the "Now" button will place the current time into the time field instantly. Also, you can set the time field to midnight and noon by clicking the "00:00" and "12:00" buttons, respectively.

4 Here you will see the results of Timestimator's calculations. Remote time, remote date, and the time shift between your chosen base and remote locations will be displayed.

Note 1:
Copy/paste may be used to place the result of calculations into any application that supports this feature (i.e. email clients, word processors, etc.).

Note 2:
There is no need to press any additional buttons like "Calculate", "Go" or "OK" to start the calculations. Timestimator does its job immediately, reacting as soon as you change any parameter of your calculations. In other words, the result field always displays the right results.